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Cold Exposure is no longer my ritual, it's my lifestyle

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Hi, I am so pleased that you are visiting our page. I am calling it our page because I truly want this to be a page where all cold therapy enthusiasts can share experiences and information. Lets build a community.

Let me introduce myself. I am Sharon McLaughlin, born and bred in Scotland, I now live in the Netherlands. I caught the cold therapy bug in 2017 when I took my first ice bath. I was so blown away by the benefits that I became a Wim Hof Instructor and decided to help others to step out of their comfort zones and start enjoying the cold and all its benefits.

The purpose of this community is:

  1.  To inform about the benefits of cold therapy
  2. To share tips, stories, and personal experiences.
  3. To inspire each other and to support each other.
  4. To meet likeminded people and swimming buddies.
  5. To find professionals who can guide us in our journeys.
  6. To find information on products and other services to aid us in our cold therapy, especially safety equipment.

Me and Wim Hof, the man who taught and inspired me to take the plunge into the cold.

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