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Meet Wies van Beek

After I had completed my training as a Wim Hof Instructor I started researching other methods of breathwork and I stumbled upon Wies Van Beek (

I contacted Wies to learn more about her practice and soon discovered that she was an extremely qualified and well researched breathwork coach. We decided to meet up and we clicked straight away. I was immediately impressed by the way that Wies is able to reach so many people with her breathwork sessions. She has built up an incredibly reputable company. As a Wim Hof Instructor I have learned to teach the Wim Hof method of breathing, but with Wies I learned to go beyond the Wim Hof Method. Wies and I now assist each other during our workshops so that we can give attendees full attention and double the expertise. The workshops have been highly popular and it's been an absolute joy to work with Wies.

I find that the ice bath gives you the opportunity to practice the breathing techiniques straight away. You put yourself into a stressful situation and by adopting the correct breathing technique you can regain control of your breathing and calm your heart rate within 30seconds.

Wies and I normally hold workshops once a month (see Agenda). To get an impression of what its like to attend a workshop, read the first hand account by Nikki van der Velden

Before she met me Wies had also attended a Wim Hof workshop with the man himself and had plundged into the ice bath, however she left it at that and had never adopted it as a regular routine. Until she met me that is. Now a regular cold water dipper, Wies explains what the cold means to her.

"Every time I have dipped I feel more energised and happier. Sometimes I don't feel like going but after every dip I go home feeling happier. I feel more focus, more energy and strength. I really recommend it for everyone!"

Wat heeft koud dippen mij gebracht:

"Elke keer wanneer ik gedipt heb voel ik me energieker en gelukkiger. Soms heb ik geen zin om te gaan maar elke keer ga ik blij naar huis. Ik voel meer focus, meer energie en kracht. Een aanrader voor iedereen."

Groeten Wies